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Here’s Why You Should Use CATI Research

Here’s Why You Should Use CATI Research

“Knowledge is power.”

Francis Bacon knew it, and you know it too. As a business owner your knowledge comes from data, and analyzing the right data is crucial when it comes to strategic decision making. The question is, how do you access that data? The answer lies in high quality, informative research. 

How do you find it? There are many ways to gather this information, but one of the most popular is CATI market research.

What is CATI Research?

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) research is exactly how it sounds. It’s a form of market research conducted over the phone, with interviewers utilizing computer software to help them perform interviews and collect reliable, detailed data from a target demographic. 

These telephone interviews are supported by software which saves responses directly to its database, ensuring all data is securely logged. This software will also auto-check the survey responses, set control questions, and alert interviewers if there are issues with the data being recorded. Essentially, the software component of CATI research acts to prevent any errors from occurring and fixing them when they do. 

CATI surveys enable researchers to access a large demographic, including those who either don’t have access to the internet or who are unlikely to participate in online surveys. For certain businesses, this is an especially valuable demographic that is otherwise difficult to access. 

Suited for customer satisfaction surveys, opinion polls, health studies, and political polling, CATI market research is an effective tool at a business’ disposal. With the ability to access large, diverse sample sizes and conduct research on topics that require participant anonymity, the information gained through this sort of telephone interviewing can transform a business. 

Advantages to CATI Research for the Modern Business

With an array of market research methods available, what makes CATI research stand out? Here are some of the advantages you have to gain when you utilize Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing: 

Streamlined Results

CATI’s method of using human interviewers with tech assistance means that not only is the collected data accurate and reliable, but interviewers are able to provide instant feedback on the survey process, allowing for quick adjustments if necessary.

Unlike mailed surveys or certain online methods, CATI provides businesses with quicker response times and enables them to act on those insights more quickly. 

High-Quality Data

Since CATI interviewers can probe respondents and clarify responses in real-time, CATI market research yields richer and more detailed data than many other research methods. A human touch leads to better engagement and many respondents provide more detailed responses when interacting with a live interviewer. CATI also allow supervisors to monitor interviews in real-time, further strengthening the process and ensuring that the collected data is of the highest quality.  

The data gained through CATI research is easily integrated with other research tools and databases, providing a business with a holistic view of the market landscape. CATI systems also come with robust data security measures, ensuring respondent information is protected and handled with the utmost care. 


CATI surveys are extremely customizable, resulting in a simpler and more accurate collection of data and a more efficient collection method. Researchers can tailor the surveys to the respondents by programming certain questions to be skipped and by branching out on certain questions based on responses, producing a more relevant interview experience for each respondent.  

Cost Effective

Cost efficiency is a major benefit of CATI research methods. While there are costs associated with establishing a CATI system and training the interviewers involved, the efficiency and speed of data collection produced by CATI research often results in overall cost savings. This, combined with the superior quality of the data itself, makes CATI surveying an extremely cost-effective way to gather data. 

CATI Research with Decision Point Research

The Decision Point team is experienced in leveraging CATI techniques to gather insightful, valuable information from respondents and ensuring that businesses get the data they need from their target demographics.

With one of the largest telephone research centres in North America and a team operating in over 25 languages, Decision Point Research is ready to take on your CATI surveying needs – and even integrate CATI research with other tools, like online surveys. 

Are you looking for a market research team ready to provide you with detailed, insightful data? Request a bid with Decision Point Research and watch as we transform your data collection project with our CATI services. 

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