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Data collection is a crucial process in market research where businesses gather information from various sources to understand market trends, customer preferences, and other vital factors influencing their products or services. This systematic approach provides businesses with the insights needed to make informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and identify opportunities for growth and innovation.

Data collection comes in various forms, from focus groups, surveys, interviews, and more. To gather the most accurate, insightful information, qualitative and quantitative data collection must be performed by skilled individuals who can adeptly navigate diverse types of data for accuracy and relevance. Working with professionals enables businesses to understand complex market dynamics and behaviours in depth, combining statistics with rich, narrative-driven insight.

At Decision Point, we specialize in high-quality data collection, serving clients across Canada, the USA, Europe, and beyond. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of data, whether quantitative or qualitative, is meticulously gathered and analyzed. With our global reach and deep expertise, we empower businesses with the precise, actionable information they need to thrive in their respective markets.

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Decision Point supports our qualitative and quantitative recruitment in Canada. Their ability to recruit large volumes of respondents in short periods of time make their service unique.

Consumer Packaging Research Company

Decision Point has supported our central location testing recruitment for a number of years with success. It’s their ability to be flexible with timelines and consistency with recruitment that sets them apart from other suppliers.

Agricultural Research Company

Decision Point has supported our organization with top quality CATI work and recruitment all across Canada. We were impressed by their attention to detail and ability to complete numerous political surveys over short periods of time.

Political Polling Company

Decision Point is our go-to partner for all multicultural research targeting acculturated and non-acculturated immigrants in North America. Our expectations have been exceeded not only with their reach but also the quality of the data we receive.

Multicultural Advertising Agency

Canada, United States, Europe and other Markets

Reach Global Audiences With Our Market Research Recruitment Panel

Decision Point Research has its own proprietary ethnic and general population recruitment panels with access to specific audiences such as new immigrants, business professionals, healthcare professionals, patients, and more.

Tailored Insights Meet Global Expertise

Choosing Decision Point means working with a partner that offers custom insight with a global perspective - fast. Our approach blends an understanding of the local and the diverse, so you get a comprehensive and detailed view of your market.
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Get Data Fast

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Access National & International Markets

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Conduct Research In Any Language

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Customize To Your Needs

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