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Market Research Recruitment

Market research recruitment is a critical process in gathering data and conducting effective market research. It involves identifying and enlisting individuals who meet specific criteria to participate in research studies such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, or product testing. The value of market research recruitment lies in its ability to ensure that the data collected is representative, reliable, and relevant to the research objectives.

At Decision Point, we offer dedicated recruitment services for businesses worldwide, offering large proprietary multicultural and general population databases in Canada and the USA to pull from and experts in recruiting participants from niche, hard-to-reach groups.

We believe that it’s important to get a true representation of the population you’re studying. That’s why we include members of the Indigenous community in our multicultural database. Our team has completed Indigenous qualitative research studies across Canada, including in rural areas, on reserves, and in urban areas.

Our databases and recruiting efforts are unmatched by other suppliers, providing our clients with excellent reach to groups such as:

  • Urban or rural consumers
  • Business professionals
  • Patients or healthcare professionals
  • Multicultural individuals at various levels of acculturation
  • And more!

Decision Point Research has experience working with a wide range of industries, including:

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What to Expect from Decision Point Market Research Recruitment

At Decision Point, we prioritize making recruitment as easy as possible. We offer a variety of tools and resources to help your market research recruitment be successful.

Recruitment in Various Languages

Decision Point excels in recruiting participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds, enabling you to access and understand insights from a broader range of demographics, crucial for comprehensive market research.

Multilingual Focus Groups and Moderation

Our recruitment expertise extends to organizing and moderating multilingual focus groups. We provide skilled moderators fluent in your target audience's language, ensuring effective communication and richer data collection.

Translation and Transcription of Sessions

To complement our recruitment services, we offer detailed transcription and translation of focus group sessions and interviews, ensuring you have access to accurate and understandable data in your preferred language.

Analytics and Reporting

Our service goes beyond recruitment; we provide in-depth analytics and reporting on the data collected, offering valuable insights and interpretations that enhance the effectiveness of your market research.

Simultaneous Translation

We support your market research with simultaneous translation services. Whether it's for real-time understanding of group discussions or aiding your moderators, our team ensures seamless language support for diverse research settings.

Our Market Research Recruiting Services

Recruitment isn’t about using a large database of participants. It means using rigorous recruitment techniques to find the exact demographics you’re looking for. At Decision Point, we use several techniques to recruit the ideal participants. Here’s a few examples.

Moderation (English, Punjabi & Mandarin)

Decision Point moderators specialize in eliciting the full range of ideas, attitudes, experiences, and opinions held by the selected sample of respondents, in order to deliver independent, honest, and unbiased feedback. From encouraging open dialogue in focus groups to establishing rapport in one-on-one interviews, our moderators have the experience to achieve the results you need. All Decision Point interviewers and moderators undergo extensive training and monitoring, and are chosen based on their experience in conducting past studies, communication skills, and bilingual capabilities. These skills contribute to in-depth data. For each study, moderators will attend a comprehensive training session including a briefing on the design of the questionnaire and an information session on the sensitivities of the assignment.

Optional Multi-Language Moderation

At Decision Point Research, we can provide a complete range of multilingual data collection services using native language speakers. Our moderators specialize in English, French, Punjabi, and Mandarin; we also have access to moderators in many other languages. We are one of a few market research companies that recruit and moderate in languages other than English and French. Contact us today to get started!


Ethnographies are deep dives into the everyday lifestyle of your targeted audience. Decision Point will recruit ethnography respondents and conduct the research to give you true understanding of how a specific group uses a product, shops, browses the internet, behaves in a specific location, and more. Senior Researchers will observe recruits as they go about their natural behaviour in the given environment, and then follow up with questions to obtain in-depth explanations and insight. Observing respondents in a natural environment allows us to record information that may not be self-reported in a traditional survey-style study. Through this combination of in-context observation and skilled interviewing, research teams will provide you with comprehensive data. We will recruit participants, conduct the research, analyze the results, and generate reports, ultimately providing you with applicable qualitative data for your specific needs. Contact us today to get started!

Recruit to Web

Recruit the right respondents for your online research with our recruit-to-web capabilities. Tapping into our extensive databases, through phone calls, and using our decades of recruiting experience, we will gather participants in your target audience to complete online surveys from home. Through this methodology you can generate a high volume of quantitative data with unbiased respondent opinions. We specialize in recruiting hard-to-reach audiences, such as immigrants, specific ethnic communities, healthcare practitioners, busy business professionals, and more. Contact us today to get started!

Online Bulletin Boards

Decision Point will recruit your target audience, for example consumers or business professionals, to participate in online bulletin boards (OBB). OBBs are online “message board” discussions moderated by senior researchers, who pose questions and assignments for participants to respond to over the course of the study. OBBs are ideal for:

  • Exploratory research
  • Anonymous research of sensitive topics
  • Busy target markets (e.g. medical practitioners or high-level business professionals)
  • Children, teens, and young adults
  • Complementing other ongoing studies
At the conclusion of the study, senior researchers will provide a report and analysis of the data collected, as it relates to your needs and goals. Contact us today to get started!

Central Location Testing

Decision Point Empowers Clts Across North America, From Micro To Macro Projects

Decision Point Empowers CLTs Across North America, from Micro to Macro Projects

We have experience conducting CLT studies such as:

  • Taste tests
  • Car clinics
  • TV commercial sessions
  • Much more!

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Decision Point supports our qualitative and quantitative recruitment in Canada. Their ability to recruit large volumes of respondents in short periods of time make their service unique.

Consumer Packaging Research Company

Decision Point has supported our central location testing recruitment for a number of years with success. It’s their ability to be flexible with timelines and consistency with recruitment that sets them apart from other suppliers.

Agricultural Research Company

Decision Point has supported our organization with top quality CATI work and recruitment all across Canada. We were impressed by their attention to detail and ability to complete numerous political surveys over short periods of time.

Political Polling Company

Decision Point is our go-to partner for all multicultural research targeting acculturated and non-acculturated immigrants in North America. Our expectations have been exceeded not only with their reach but also the quality of the data we receive.

Multicultural Advertising Agency

Canada, United States, Europe and other Markets

Reach Global Audiences With Our Market Research Recruitment Panel

Decision Point Research has its own proprietary ethnic and general population recruitment panels with access to specific audiences such as new immigrants, business professionals, healthcare professionals, patients, and more.

Tailored Insights Meet Global Expertise

Choosing Decision Point means working with a partner that offers custom insight with a global perspective - fast. Our approach blends an understanding of the local and the diverse, so you get a comprehensive and detailed view of your market.
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