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Your Trusted Market Research Partner

Decision Point is a Toronto-based market research company empowering market research firms and businesses worldwide by unveiling insights into specialized targets that others simply can’t access. Our data helps you forge meaningful connections with your audience, no matter how hard they are to reach.

Our expertise in reaching niche groups is supported by our databases with over half a million participants and our strong presence in the market research community. We’re dedicated to providing businesses with clear, actionable data that is accessible and easy to understand.

We’re also proud to be a member of several reputable organizations in the market research industry, including CRIC, ESOMAR, Insights Association, Greenbook, and more.

Why Choose Decision Point?

No matter the research project at hand, Decision Point is here to deliver. Our team of highly qualified specialists has extensive experience conducting regional, national, and international studies for both public and private sector clients.

Get data fast: The strength of our large panels and call center allows us to launch quantitative jobs quickly, getting you results faster.

Access national and international markets: We offer full capabilities in Canada and the USA and are experienced in conducting research in Europe and beyond using native-speaking moderators.

Conduct research in any language: We are the only research company in Canada, and one of few worldwide, that can conduct market research in most languages of the world.

Customize Data Collection to Your Needs: Our data collection methodologies are tailored to your project. Tell us what you need, and we’ll create a custom strategy with our various solutions.

Reach niche population segments: Our recruiting expertise and large in-house databases help you conduct market research and speak to many difficult-to-reach, niche audiences, including new immigrants, healthcare employees, and more.

We’re Trusted By Teams Just Like Yours

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Decision Point supports our qualitative and quantitative recruitment in Canada. Their ability to recruit large volumes of respondents in short periods of time make their service unique.

Consumer Packaging Research Company

Decision Point has supported our central location testing recruitment for a number of years with success. It’s their ability to be flexible with timelines and consistency with recruitment that sets them apart from other suppliers.

Agricultural Research Company

Decision Point has supported our organization with top quality CATI work and recruitment all across Canada. We were impressed by their attention to detail and ability to complete numerous political surveys over short periods of time.

Political Polling Company

Decision Point is our go-to partner for all multicultural research targeting acculturated and non-acculturated immigrants in North America. Our expectations have been exceeded not only with their reach but also the quality of the data we receive.

Multicultural Advertising Agency

Canada, USA, Europe and Beyond

We’re Trusted By Teams Just Like Yours

Decision Point Research offers several proprietary multicultural and general population panels, allowing you access to specific audiences such as new immigrants, business professionals, healthcare professionals, patients, and more from around the world.

Our Members And Associations

We are proud members of several associations and councils across Canada and the USA dedicated to providing high-quality market research for businesses. We are in full compliance with all relevant standards, including ESOMAR and the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC).

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