Usability Testing for New App Launch

When bringing a new product or app to market, it’s important to complete market research to determine the success of your work. Usability testing, a form of qualitative market research, is used to assess usability issues, gather feedback from target demographics, and measure customer satisfaction with your product.

Usability testing involves having participants use the product or app and then gathering data about their experience. Decision Point Research is proud to offer usability testing in both online and in-person settings to provide you with the answers that you need to guarantee success.

The Situation

Our client wanted respondents to test a new app ahead of the official launch to receive feedback and input from users and potential users, including users of their competitor app. The objective of the usability testing was to better understand how to make an online application system easier to use.

The client requested participants from a variety of demographics that represented the regional statistics of Canada. They wanted to include participants with varying levels of tech-savvy, as well as those who require assistive technologies when conducting activities online such as screen readers and voice input tools.

Challenges & Solutions

Our main challenge in this campaign was finding people to fill all the requirements that our client requested. Our client wished to cover all test case scenarios and user contexts and had a variety of demographics that they wanted to reach out to and get insight from.

Our database covered most requested scenarios, but we used referrals to complete certain categories of the demographics.  

The Result

Testing was completed in Toronto and Vancouver to begin, and as we continued the client expanded the scope of their testing to include different areas across Canada, later choosing to include the US as well.

Our client was very pleased after working with us in the first phase of testing and commissioned us to help recruit as they expanded the testing to include both Canada and the US. They were thrilled that we had full feasibility in both markets.

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