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Market Research Recruitment

With our large proprietary multicultural and general population databases available, we are well-positioned to provide market research recruitment services for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We also have access to facilities and hotels across North America for recruiting.

At Decision Point Research, we believe that it's important to get a true representation of the population you're studying. That's why we include members of the Indigenous community in our multicultural database. Our team has completed Indigenous qualitative research studies across Canada, including rural areas, on reserves, and in urban areas.

Our databases and recruiting efforts are unmatched by other suppliers, providing our clients with excellent reach to groups such as:

  • Urban or rural consumers
  • Business professionals
  • Patients or healthcare professionals
  • Multicultural individuals at various levels of acculturation
  • And more!

Decision Point Research has experience working with a wide range of industries, including:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Agriculture

Market Research Recruitment in the USA

Our robust database of pre-recruited research participants in the USA lets you reach your target audience quickly and easily, even if you’re looking to recruit a highly niche group.

Market Research Recruitment in Canada

Using our extensive Canadian population database, we are able to recruit both general and highly specific research participants across the country.

No matter your business, we can help you recruit the right participants for your study.

Recruiting Services

Moderation (English, Punjabi & Mandarin)

Decision Point moderators specialize in eliciting the full range of ideas, attitudes, experiences, and opinions held by the selected sample of respondents, in order to deliver independent, honest, and unbiased feedback.

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Decision Point will recruit ethnography respondents and conduct the research to give you true understanding of how a specific group uses a product, shops, browses the internet, behaves in a specific location, and more.

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Online Bulletin Boards

Decision Point will recruit your target audience, for example consumers or business professionals, to participate in online bulletin boards (OBB).

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Central Location Testing

Decision Point recruits for CLTs in both Canada and the USA, undertaking projects from small, single city static evaluations to large-scale multi-city/country tests.

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Testimonials from our Market Research Recruitment Clients

Decision Point has supported our central location testing recruitment for a number of years with success. It’s their ability to be flexible with timelines and consistency with recruitment that sets them apart from other suppliers.

Agricultural Research Company

Decision Point supports our qualitative and quantitative recruitment in Canada. Their ability to recruit large volumes of respondents in short periods of time make their service unique.

Consumer Packaging Research Company

Decision Point was a great choice for our latest project. We needed to understand Canadian consumers, especially new immigrants, and they delivered exactly what we needed. Their participant selection was spot-on, aligning perfectly with our goals. I highly recommend Decision Point for straightforward, effective market research and data collection. They really helped us get to the heart of our project.


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