Case Study: Purchase Manager’s Index


At Decision Point Research, we provide our clients with access to panels comprising business professionals, healthcare professionals, new immigrants, and more. Our clients can target B2C or B2B through our robust panels and gain valuable market research insights they need.

Since 2017, we have been conducting ongoing business intelligence panels for a global information provider that measures market trends in Canadians. These trends are used to compile a purchase manager’s index using weighted panels. We manage two separate panels for the services and manufacturing sectors respectively.

The Situation

This project requires panel members to complete a short survey monthly. For their participation, members are rewarded with a free of charge copy of the monthly report generated from the surveys. The report valued highly by investors is generated by polling businesses that represent the makeup of the respective business sector.

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge associated with an ongoing panel is to maintain stable membership with minimal turnover. Additionally, fulfilling the monthly required number of completed surveys and recruiting new panel members that fall in line with the weighted distribution of businesses based on industry and size are also challenges that we have faced.

To overcome these challenges, the team at Decision Point Research has recruited a specified number of new panel members every month to overcome the turnover from the previous survey period. Our team has sought out decision-makers in the requisite industries of the required size to replace members who no longer participate in the survey.

Monthly survey links and email reminders are sent to panel members to complete online surveys. Panels members also receive telephone calls reminding them to either complete the survey online or over the telephone to achieve the number of monthly surveys within the specified data collection period.

The Result

Decision Point Research has been the Canadian manager for these market trend panels since 2017 and both panels remain strong and well placed to continue for the foreseeable feature. Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19 that led to the closure of most service and manufacturing industries and professionals working from home, our team has managed to follow up with panel members to ensure surveys are completed without impacting the quality of the report, therefore exceeding client expectations.

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