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Decision Point supports our clients throughout all phases of research, from design to data collection to interpreting reports. We offer several services that complement our research offerings, giving you a one-stop-shop for all of your requirements.

Translations (All Languages)

Decision Point handles the majority of translation services in-house, ensuring your translations are integrated with your overall research design.

Our team includes multiple translators for Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and French (as well as many other languages), all of whom have market research experience and understand how surveys work.

As a quality assurance measure, we always have a native language speaker review translations before they are sent to you or go into the field.

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Data Processing (Coding Cross Tabs)

Decision Point offers complete data processing services; our trained and experienced team will turn data into actionable insights.

Our data processing capabilities include the ability to implement advanced single or multi-step weighting schemes and create complex banners, grid tables, custom tables, and data stacking.

After the data is cleaned, coded, weighted, and checked, we will process data tables in Excel format. The tables will also include statistical tests between comparable results (e.g. men compared to women), and will identify if any differences are statistically significant. Our default is to do significance testing based on a 95% confidence rate, which is the industry standard.

You will receive a data file of processed and coded results in ASCII, SPSS, CSV format. Data quality checks will be implemented and test files can be sent to you, while the study is still in the field, to ensure the final SPSS data set meets all requirements and the layout formats.

We can also provide an Excel file with raw verbatim comments, as typed by the interviewer (for telephone (CATI) and in-person) and respondents in online studies.

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Programming (All Languages)

Decision Point conducts its own programming and data processing internally with our experienced team of translators, coders, and tabs employees.

We are able to program in all languages of the world for both CATI and online. We are a strong supporter of mobile surveys; all of our online surveys are fully mobile-accessible.

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