Omnibus Surveys

Do you want to effectively market your brand and products to new Canadians? The first step is research. We offer Canada’s most comprehensive ethnic omnibus survey, providing you with actionable insights to reach your target audience.

Over the last 30 years, Canada has welcomed 3.6 million immigrants from Asia. With over 250,000 new immigrants yearly in Canada, Decision Point has found an effective way to engage this segment of the population.

Leveraging our unique ethnic panel, we provide a time and cost-effective solution to give you the insights you seek from new Canadians.

Our national sample of new Canadians (n=1,200) includes:

Region Origin
Chinese South Asian Other
BC 100 100 100
Alberta 100 100 100
Ontario 100 100 100
Quebec 300 – No Country of Origin Quotas
Total 300 300 600

The sample will be controlled for tenure in Canada, with n=400 of each of the following: 0-3 years, 4-9 years, and 10+ years.

You will also receive:

  • Translation into Chinese
  • Support from senior researchers on survey development and reporting
  • The option to run region-specific surveys
  • 6 standard demographic questions: age, gender, region, ethnicity, tenure in Canada, and language spoken at home
  • Results in the format of your choosing: Excel tables, raw data (csv or SPSS), or Power Point

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