Healthcare Interviews with Seniors

Many businesses offer products and services to specific groups of people with specific requirements, from senior citizens to new immigrants. Companies must make sure to complete market research for niche audiences to gather a full understanding of the wants and needs of the people whom they’re working with.

Decision Point Research was recently reached out to by a client to complete one on one interviews regarding healthcare for seniors. This audience can sometimes be hard to reach because of technical challenges, but with the right outreach team and database, success is possible.

The Situation

We were approached by our client to complete discussions about healthcare with seniors over the age of 65. They were looking for people of multiple races and ethnicities from a variety of regions, with differing incomes, education levels, and health conditions.

The client requested that we collect a number of participants who have recently experienced a health episode at home, and for all respondents to have a specific health insurance plan.

These discussions were to be one-on-one interviews over a video conferencing platform.

Challenges & Solutions

This study had a very specific target audience as respondents had multiple criteria to meet in order to qualify; for example, having a specific type of insurance, which is only available for those within a certain income bracket. Additional requirements included specific chronic health ailments and that participants needed to be receiving home healthcare.

Decision Point Research has a strong database of seniors in the USA to begin with, and we used our networks to aid in finding participants. We contacted support groups, established connections in senior communities, asked for member referrals, and completed targeted ad campaigns to make sure we had an optimal number of contributors.

Many participants also lacked the required devices and technical knowledge to participate online or log in to the website.

To mitigate this issue, we offered additional tech checks ahead of the sessions to test connections and ensure participants were able to get on the video conferencing platform. We also requested support from family members onsite to help log in to the sessions.

The Results

With our outreach efforts, we were able to effectively recruit respondents as requested and the study was successful. Our dedication to finding the participants for this study helped us to be tasked by our client to run other studies on healthcare and insurance with similar target audiences.

For more information on how Decision Point Research can assist you and your company with targeting niche, hard-to-reach groups like seniors, contact us today. We’re happy to assist you in your market research efforts.