Multicultural PanelCanada and the US are thriving multicultural societies with their ethnic populations growing steadily in numbers and influence. This has led to organizations researching the lifestyle and spending habits of these groups so they can fine-tune their marketing and product strategies.

Decision Point Research uses Inclusive Insight as a resource that gives us access to a wide range of multicultural research participants that help to improve the products and services of companies across Canada and the US.

Advantages of Using Inclusive Insight

  • Proprietary databases for multicultural and Genpop panel
  • Multiple profiling points captured to identify the right target audience for research, based on client needs
  • Continuously growing database with new members joining every single day
  • New sign-ups ensure the database is updated with members new to research as well as newcomers to the country

With Inclusive Insight, Decision Point Research can aid companies in targeting people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds for research, to better understand their needs and habits. This helps companies better place their products and services in the market, making them appealing to potential customers.

Case Study: How Decision Point Research Helped a Multinational Bank Reach New Canadians

Our multicultural panel covers diverse ethnic demographics with different tenures in the country including second generation, recently immigrated, etc. and spread across multiple provinces. Businesses can gain access to South Asians, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin Americans, and other ethnic demographics residing in Canada and the US.

Benefits for Participants

For participants signing up for Inclusive Insight, there are cash incentives of $5-$15 for online surveys and $75-$350 for other qualitative research studies.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your market research needs.

Anton Nicolaides