American Research Panel

Access Our Robust Database of Research Participants in the USA

Our US Gen-Pop panel is filled with pre-recruited research respondents ready to participate in a variety of qualitative or quantitative studies.

The panel is always growing and is refreshed regularly with new participants through a variety of proven recruiting methods.

Reach Niche and Difficult-to-Recruit Audiences

Clients have total control over which respondents are invited to participate in research, allowing you to target general or highly specific audiences, from B2B to B2C. We can also refine participants to people within specific geographic regions or urban centers. Here are some examples of niche audiences in the United States our clients can access:

  • Patients
  • Healthcare professionals
  • People in the agriculture industry
  • Parents with children and/or expecting parents
  • Financial decision makers (B2C or B2B)
  • Automobile purchasers and intenders
  • And more!

Visit our panel website, Inclusive Insight, to learn more about how users sign up for the database!

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