Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research

Recruit for any qualitative or quantitative study with Decision Point – we can recommend the method most appropriate for your needs and specific research parameters.

As a Decision Point client, you will gain access to our comprehensive database of both B2B and B2C individuals, including consumers, children/teens, healthcare professionals, B2B respondents, and more.

Through these databases and our other recruiting methods, we can recruit and coordinate:

  • Focus groups (in person, online forums, etc.)
  • In-depth interviews (one-on-one, telephone, or online)
  • Dyads
  • Triads
  • Large scale quantitative studies

Decision Point will not only recruit for your qualitative and quantitative studies, but also facilitate and analyze the results. Our research team comprises of experienced recruiters, project managers, and moderators, who can conduct studies in English, French, and many other languages.

We Work Hard to Understand Your Objectives

Before starting recruiting and research, we ensure we have a solid understanding of your objectives and business needs. This includes a discussion of what you want to achieve through the research and how the results will be used within your organization.

Taking the time to become familiar with your business objectives at the onset of the project is critical for ensuring the correct respondents are recruited. We will confirm with you the types of respondents who should be participating in the research, based on a combination of your guidance and our experience in achieving results.

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Why Choose Decision Point?

Get Data Fast

Access National and International Markets

Conduct Research in Any Language

Customize to Your Needs

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