Central Location Testing

Decision Point recruits for CLTs in both Canada and the USA, undertaking projects from small, single city static evaluations to large-scale multi-city/country tests.

Rely on our support at every stage of the development process, from recruiting participants to analyzing the research results. We will help you define your target audience, refine design choices, obtain actionable data, and more.

We have experience conducting CLT studies such as:

  • Taste tests
  • Car clinics
  • TV commercial sessions
  • Much more!

What You Can Expect from CLTs with Decision Point

Experienced Researchers

A Decision Point Senior Researcher will be involved in all aspects of the CLT experience.

For qualitative sessions, sessions are moderated by a professional moderator with experience in the subject-matter and type of study being conducted.

For quantitative sessions, we carefully select interviewers and assistants who are experienced and possess relevant knowledge. Our researcher and field work manager conduct training sessions prior to the sessions going live.

Smart Logistics

Selecting the right venue is essential. We take into account all necessary factors, including:

  • Location in relation to the desired respondents
  • Space required
  • Whether zones or separate rooms are needed

Whether the research occurs at one of our CLT locations or at any given venue across Canada or the US, we will take responsibility for facilitating bookings.

Recruiting the Right Target Group

Recruiting the right respondents is the most crucial part of any CLT, as these studies are typically conducted with specific target criteria and are large volume recruits.

Decision Point has unparalleled skills and resources to recruit the targeted participants in a matter of days.

Commitment to Security

CLTs often require confidentiality and a high level of security. Decision Point maintains a strict set of security standards, which can be altered or strengthened at your request.

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