Online Focus Group Market Research

Decision Point Research is fully equipped to conduct online focus groups for qualitative and quantitative market research projects. We provide moderation in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Korean, and Arabic.

Our team of skilled researchers help run the online focus group on your behalf through live video or recorded sessions with a moderator, respondents, and observers.

Decision Point Research online focus group participants are chosen from our robust general population databases, which includes a significant multicultural panel as well as many other difficult-to-reach populations such as business owners, healthcare professionals, industry experts, and more.

Benefits of Decision Point Research Online Focus Group

  • Ability to run focus group sessions (qualitative research) remotely
  • Safer during COVID-19 situation
  • Full capability to host group sessions on advanced video conferencing platforms like WebEx, Zoom, Teams, etc.
  • Respondents are able to participate in discussions from the comfort of their home, no need to travel to a central location. Fewer last minute drop-outs/cancellation
  • Participants in the group can be from any location or region across the country, sometimes even outside the country (Moderator in Toronto can conduct session with participants in US)
  • Respondents are more comfortable in their own space and tend to open up more to share honest opinions and thoughts
  • Clients can listen in anonymously during the sessions without interrupting the group
  • Flexibility to increase number of participants as no restrictions or limitation of physical space
  • Easy access to audio/video recordings of the session, available to share with the clients right after the session ended
  • Easy accessibility to hard-to reach targets like C-level executives, managers, etc. as they are available to participate in focus group from home/office as opposed to taking time off and coming to a location
  • Cost effective for clients (No facility rentals, parking costs, logistics to cater for etc.)

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