Case Study: Gathering Detailed Data with Intercept Research

A woman walking away down the aisle of a supermarket.With extensive experience in the market research industry, Decision Point Research is adept at recruiting participants for large studies and gaining detailed insights through intercept research.

Read on to learn how we helped a global market research company gather detailed information about consumers’ opinions across Canada.

The Situation

The client is one of the largest market research companies in the world. They leverage third-party data collection companies to create indispensable predictive market and consumer insights and recommendations for their clients around the globe. This study was conducted on behalf of an international beverage company looking to identify new opportunities in different parts of the world.

The Challenge

Decision Point was hired to help the client company intercept consumers across Canada for a study on still versus sparkling water opinions. This was a gen pop study, and a wide variety of respondents from different provinces and cities were required to gain the best understanding of Canadian consumer preferences.

The Solution

Using our dedicated team of intercept researchers, we were able to gather over 1,200 interviews within a 6-week period. With teams on the ground in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, we canvassed inside a variety of hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations to gather the widest variety of participants.

Stores require special permission to conduct research on the premises. Decision Point assisted in contacting over 50 stores including Metro, Loblaws, No Frills, Costco, Walmart, and more to gain this clearance—taking care of the entire research process so that the client doesn’t have to lift a finger.

The Result

We successfully recruited a large number of participants across different provinces and cities, providing the client company with valuable information about Canadian consumers’ opinions on sparkling water. They will use this data to determine whether launching a new product will be successful in this market, and how to best market this product to Canadians.

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