CATI Survey: UK E-Commerce Logistics Survey

Telephone Survey

Decision Point Research has extensive experience in collecting detailed and reliable data through our CATI services. We were approached by an international logistics company to conduct a 20-minute telephone survey with UK-based business owners regarding logistics processes related to their e-commerce offering.

The Situation

The survey targeted small to very large business owners in the United Kingdom who had e-commerce offerings and sold physical goods, shipping a minimum of 100 next day delivery parcels. The target audience was people with these businesses who had a deep knowledge of logistics as they were required to answer questions regarding how many parcels they sent, what companies they used, experience with customers, likeliness to use certain parcel services, and more.

Challenges & Solutions

The study required Decision Point Research to survey N=200 respondents, with distribution across small to very large businesses. A key challenge of the study was locating and reaching the target audience, particularly respondents with very large businesses i.e., those sending 5,000+ next day deliveries.

To assist with reaching this challenging target audience, the client provided us with a list of very large businesses in the United Kingdom so we could look to target them in our sample. As the fieldwork progressed, the client altered the distribution of the target audience, increasing the number of businesses in the 1,000+ next day deliver parcels bracket and lowering those in the 5,000+ next day delivery parcels bracket.

Additionally, they also provided us with more field time to assist with reaching more of these larger businesses.

The Result

Decision Point Research was able to complete the study with N=200 respondents with good distribution across small to very large businesses.

The client approached us to do a second iteration of the study, targeting the same audience and topic but conducting in-depth telephone interviews.

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