Moderation (English, Punjabi & Mandarin)

Decision Point moderators specialize in eliciting the full range of ideas, attitudes, experiences, and opinions held by the selected sample of respondents, in order to deliver independent, honest, and unbiased feedback.

From encouraging open dialogue in focus groups to establishing rapport in one-on-one interviews, our moderators have the experience to achieve the results you need.

All Decision Point interviewers and moderators undergo extensive training and monitoring, and are chosen based on their experience in conducting past studies, communication skills, and bilingual capabilities. These skills contribute to in-depth data.

For each study, moderators will attend a comprehensive training session including a briefing on the design of the questionnaire and an information session on the sensitivities of the assignment.

Optional Multi-Language Moderation

At Decision Point Research, we can provide a complete range of multilingual data collection services using native language speakers. Our moderators specialize in English, French, Punjabi, and Mandarin; we also have access to moderators in many other languages.

We are one of a few market research companies that recruit and moderate in languages other than English and French.

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