A woman shopping in a grocery store carrying a basket and reaching for an item on the shelf.Intercepts are a great way to collect marketing data from customers on-site to gain immediate, in-context feedback about your business or location. Trained interviewers select respondents by stopping them in a public place such as a grocery store or a shopping mall, and then administer a short survey using a laptop, tablet, or paper and pencil about consumer behaviours, habits, preferences, or perceptions.

Here are several advantages to conducting intercept research:

Get Real-Time Responses

One of the benefits of intercept research is the ability to gather information in real time. This has a few advantages: first, researchers can dig deeper by asking open-ended questions and seeking clarification on certain answers from respondents. Conversely, participants can also ask for help or clarification during the process. Finally, researchers can observe participants’ reactions and behaviours in the moment, which can be especially useful when gathering feedback on how users interact with a product or website.

Reach a Variety of Demographics

Conducting intercept research at physical locations is a great way to learn the opinions of people who may not be members of research panels, or even users of the internet. Different venues can also be useful for targeting specific demographics: specialty retail stores, ethnic grocery stores, and events such as festivals or conventions may help you reach your target audience faster. In a busy location, you can reach a wide variety of people in a short amount of time.

Save with a Cost-Effective Research Method

Intercept interviews have a relatively low cost compared to other research methods. Unlike conducting focus groups or surveys using a panel, participants aren’t expecting to be paid for their feedback. Often, a small token of appreciation such as a coupon or the chance to enter into a draw for a prize are sufficient incentive for people to participate.

Work with an Experienced Intercept Research Partner

It’s important to work with a market research company that has experience conducting intercept interviews and building rapport with participants to get the most detailed and useful insights. At Decision Point Research, we offer multilingual experienced interviewers who can conduct surveys in English, French, Chinese, Punjabi, and Spanish. We can also translate our questionnaires into any other major language to allow respondents to complete the survey in their preferred language.

Decision Point provides comprehensive market research services, encompassing the full range of quantitative and qualitative capabilities in data collection. To discuss your market research needs, contact us today!

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