Companies that seek to advance their brand and increase profitability should always discover new ways to reconnect with their customers. Never before has this been more important, as consumer trends have been impacted because of COVID-19. Companies should consider market research as their primary tool to interpret these trends and adapt to a world where the way consumers interact with brands and their products has changed.

It’s no secret that the way consumers make purchases and their mindset has been altered forever. This means companies need to also change how they communicate and present their products to consumers.  At Decision Point Research, we have helped several companies navigate the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting market research that has provided key and timely insights.

Here are three ways companies can reconnect with their customers and how market research can assist with the process.

Creating New Customer Personas

To get your messaging right, you need to update your customer personas. Consumers are thinking and acting differently than they did 12-18 months ago. These new personas need to concentrate on consumers’ emotions, purchasing behaviours, goals, frustrations, and more.

Companies can get information for the new personas through one-on-one interviews with customers. Decision Point can facilitate this by setting up these interviews, and with our extensive database, companies can recruit from their target market with ease.

Responding to Concerns

There are so many concerns and questions that are going through the minds of consumers. As a company, you need to be there for them and prove that you prioritize their well-being and happiness. At Decision Point, we offer our clients on-site and online focus groups that can be used to gather valuable consumer data. Clients can use this data to address concerns that their consumers may be experiencing.

Rethinking Marketing

How is your company being perceived by consumers? Are your products being marketed effectively? We’ve already touched on how the mindset of consumers has changed and the need for companies to adapt. This means companies need to rethink their marketing and communication strategies. Sending out surveys to consumers is a great first step in collecting actionable insights that can help redefine your marketing strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about market research during COVID-19, our blog discusses this topic in detail and outlines the importance and different methods that can be used.

Reconnecting with consumers is important as we begin to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies need to understand how their consumers have changed, find ways to address their concerns, and rethink how products are being marketed. Market research is an essential tool that can help companies achieve their goals.

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Anton Nicolaides