About Us

At Decision Point Research we have an open-minded approach to market research, encompassing a full range of quantitative and qualitative capabilities in data collection.We are able to offer both B2B and B2C solutions to our clients with quality assurance practices that exceed industry standards while maintaining a competitive pricing structure.

We maintain a dedicated call center and all our calling is done within Toronto - we boast one of the largest call centers in Canada and have a unique ability to staff bilingual interviewers. We provide quality recruiting services and maintain a specialized data base of Consumers (including children and teens), Healthcare professionals, Patients, and B2B professionals.

Decision Point also offers a unique new immigrant ethnic panel in Canada supporting the demand for new Canadian data. With over 250,000 new immigrants yearly in Canada, Decision Point has found a way to engage this segment of the population.

Whether you're looking to field a telephone, online, recruitment, off-line (mall intercept, mystery shopping, CLTs) study or a more complex tracker, Decision Point has a proven track record in delivering.

We work with some of the world's most respected household names across a wide range of sectors. In addition, we provide a wide range of services to leading research agencies.

Our Senior Team Members
Anton Nicolaides

Partner, anton.nicolaides at decisionpointresearch.ca - 416-309-0454 ext. 201

Dundee Staunton

Partner, dundee.staunton at decisionpointresearch.ca - 416-309-0454 ext. 203

Renwick Babwah

Vice-President Operations, renwick.babwah at decisionpointresearch.ca - 416-309-0454 ext. 208

Beau Rakhra

Director of Research, brakhra at decisionpointresearch.ca - 416-309-0454 ext. 200

Jason Joo

Director of Business Development & Research Consultant, jason.joo at decisionpointresearch.ca - 416-309-0454 ext. 204