We offer a range of solutions, a full suite of state-of-the-art quantitative research techniques, as well as custom-designed methodologies, to provide our clients with the information they need to make effective decisions.

Telephone Data Collection/CATI
  • Telephone Interviewing (B2C, B2B, CSAT, NPS, Multi-Lingual, Polling)
  • CATI Programming
  • Sample Provision
  • Date Processingn
  • Translation
  • Transcription
Online Data Collection
  • Ethnic Panel
  • Survey Programming and Hosting
  • Data Processing
  • Translation
CATI Infrastructure
  • Decision Point Research works with modern CATI centertotaling75 seats which are expandable to 100 seats. The CATI center is complete with automatic dialing, supervisor monitoring, remote barge-in and call recording facilities.
  • The CATI center has experienced full time management and supervision staff, along with trained survey research interviewers (both B2B and B2C). CATI interviewers are thoroughly trained on all related Marketing Research aspects before being exposed to any project specific materials.
  • Rigorous project specific training is imparted to the interviewers before they start interviewing. This ensures that every individual in the team is in sync with the project and client expectations.
  • In order to ensure high voice quality the CATI center uses IPLC, VOIP and ISDN telephone lines.
  • For the purpose of data security, we ensure that the CATI team works on thin client platform and all the client samples and data are stored on our central server, which is backed up every 24 hours.
  • Our multi-lingual CATI center caters to data collection in Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and APAC regions.
  • The CATI centeris equipped to handle inbound, out bound & IVR based assignments.

Decision Point Research provides quality recruiting services for qualitative studies and focus groups and maintains a specialized database of Consumers/General Population (including children and teens), Healthcare professionals, Patients, and B2B respondents. Our Qualitative Research team comprises of experienced Recruiters, Project Managers and Moderators. We are able to cover Canada coast-to-coast and our qualitative research services include:

  • Consumers/General Population (including teens and children)
  • Medical Recruitment: HCP’s, Nurses, Technicians, Pharmacists, Patients, Caregivers
  • B2B Respondents: C-Suite, IT, Finance, Sales, Admin Staff
  • Central Location Tests (CLTs) – Taste Tests, Car Clinics, TV commercial sessions, etc.
  • Mall Intercepts
  • On-Site and Exit Interviews (Retail, airports, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • One-on-One In-depth Interviews
  • Telephonic Depth Interviews

Our experience with each of these qualitative methods lets us recommend the method which is most appropriate for each client.

Our moderators specialize in eliciting the full range of ideas, attitudes, experiences, and opinions held by the selected sample of respondents in order to deliver independent, honest, and unbiased feedback.

Ethnic Corner is one of the leading providers of ethnic research in Canada. Ethnic Corner focuses on all high demand ethnic demographics including but not limited to Chinese, South Asians, Spanish and Filipinos. Ethnic Corner profiles its users based on ethnicity and tenure in Canada. Ethnic Corner is well positioned to provide clients with not only ethnic Canadian data but also new immigrant data across Canada. Panelists are recruited through 'On-Site signups', 'Referrals & Invitations' and 'Media Targeting'.

Please visit our panel website at www.ethniccorner.ca or get in-touch with us at info@decisionpointresearch for more info regarding our ethnic panel.

Decision Point Research’s automotive team has been providing accurate and reliable data insights to car manufacturers and market research agencies with the help of both quantitative and qualitative methods. The majority of our Car Clinic tests are under taken in Canada and the US.
We under take both small, single city static evaluations, to large-scale, multi-city/country tests. We also provide guidance and support at every stage of the development process from design choices, prototype refinement and package optimization, to target audience definition and launch price positioning.

General Types of Car Clinics

At Decision Point we employ a standard car clinic model which consists of four dimensions. General types of our Car Clinic offerings include:

  • Static Clinic – this is the most holistic option which includes detailed evaluations of packages and features, instrumentation, interior/exterior styling/image, product positioning and pricing. There can also be emphasis on advertising/communication strategies.
  • Product clinic – these clinics measure feature usability and evaluation of the prototype's, or already existing car’s, appearance and interior for further modification;
  • Pricing Clinic – research aimed at the study of price positioning of a car model, either new or already present in the market;
  • Virtual Clinic – a scaled down version of the Static Clinic where the clinic is conducted with high quality photos/videos of the client’s and competitor vehicles. This approach enables the customer to solve pricing issues and market positioning.
Overview of our Car Clinic Process

Decision Point Research’s automotive team provides clients with tailored car clinic design to meet the research objective and work within client’s budget.


Each team is led by a Senior Researcher who is involved in all aspects of the clinic experience. For qualitative sessions, FGDs and IDIs will be moderated by a professional moderator who has over 5 years of qualitative experience in the automotive research. The moderator will have 2 to 3 hour instruction session with clients.


It is important to select the right venue at the right place to invite the right respondents. We ar­range for the clinic venue with enough space necessary to provide an adequate venue to meet all necessary demands. We divide the venue into zones and rooms. We facilitate venue bookings in major cities in Canada and the US.

Recruiting target group

Recruiting of respondents is one of the most crucial parts of the project. Since clinics are gener­ally conducted on a very small selection, the quality of the received data and, accordingly, ap­plicability of the result depends on reliability of the selection made. Decision Point Research has unparalleled skills and resources to recruit the eligible participants in a matter of days.

Training interviewers

For the quantitative sessions, we carefully select interviewers and assistants who are experienced and possess automotive relevant knowledge. Our researcher and field work manager conduct training sessions prior to the clinic going live.


Security is a critical aspect of car clinics given the confidentiality of the research being un­dertaken. Generally, we recommend hiring 4 security personnel for check-in and 24 hour ve­nue surveillance.

Clinic sessions

Clinic sessions may vary depending on car clinic design, however, in general they consist of following sessions:

Quantitative session Qualitative session
  • Pre-static session
  • Main static session
  • Expert Interviews
  • Mini-group Interviews
  • Focus Group Interviews


For the qualitative sessions, simultaneous translator is available upon request.  Debriefing session is held after each qualitative session.

Please contact Decision Point Research to learn more about how you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of and experience with Automotive Car Clinics.

Jason Joo

Director of Business Development and Research Consultant
EMAIL: Jason.joo@decisionpointresearch.ca
PHONE: +1 (416) 309-9227